The traditional B2B marketing funnel is broken. Fix it with account-based marketing.

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About the Book

According to Forrester Research, less than 1% of leads convert to revenue. Account-based marketing can radically accelerate your pipeline and drive more revenue. Account-Based Marketing for Dummies provides the strategies and tactics you need to know. Find out if ABM is a good fit for your business with this intro.

About the Author

Sangram Vajre is the co-founder & CMO of Terminus, and one of the leading minds in B2B marketing. Before co-founding Terminus, a SaaS platform for account-based marketing, Sangram led the marketing team at Pardot through its acquisition by ExactTarget and then Salesforce. He has spoken on the topic of #MarTech around the world and is the mastermind behind #FlipMyFunnel.

What People are Saying

Megan Heuer, Vice President and Group Director, SiriusDecisions

"If you’re reading this book and just getting started with ABM, welcome to the future of what B2B marketing can be: Insight-led, technology-enabled and, above all, customer focused. Our clients are delighted with the business impact they deliver using account-based marketing, and you will be, too."

Jim Williams,
VP of Marketing, Influitive

"This book is about a radically simple idea: start your B2B marketing with a small group of best-fit companies, make them wildly successful with your product and watch as their advocacy and support amplify boost your marketing and sales efforts. If you're tired of chasing leads and ready to free yourself from the tyranny of the funnel, read this book and join the account-based marketing revolution."

David Raab,
Founder at Raab Associates

"Account-Based Marketing For Dummies clears away the confusion surrounding this much-hyped topic. It offers simple, direct explanations of what account-based marketing is, why it’s important, and how to do it. Any business marketing will benefit from a look at this book."

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About Terminus

Terminus is on a mission to challenge the status quo of B2B marketing and sales. We’re changing the game by building the best-in-class ABM platform that will make B2B marketers heroes in their organizations.

Also, we were named Startup of the Year and best place to work in Atlanta!